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Carbon Monoxide Detectors


In 2008 the General Assembly passed legislation to require carbon monoxide detectors in all residential units that use fossil fuels, or combustible fuels that can produce carbon monoxide. The information in the link above (in blue) that is most relevant to landlords begins on page 3 at SECTION 2. G.S. 42-42(a)

This law takes effect January 1, 2010. At that time you are required to have at least one carbon monoxide detector per level in any residential unit that uses oil or gas for heating, cooking, or heating hot water. You are also required to have at least one detector per level if you have an attached garage. It is my understanding that if you have a wood burning fire place, or gas logs you must also meet the carbon monoxide detector requirement.

I would suggest that you go to the link above and familiarize yourself with the law.

It is possible that there will not be much enforcement of this law unless it is incidental to something else, such as a RUCO inspection. However, failure to comply with the law will result in great potential liability in the event of an accident. This is in addition to the penalties provided for in the law.